Top 5 Ways To Pass WAEC/NECO Easily

The West African Examination council have modified their policy to allow only valid candidates to pass their examination only after hard study.

Getting 7As in WAEC is not too easy neither is it too hard. It comes along as you add grease to your elbow, hard work, and determination.

Here are the best ways to get more than 5A in your WAEC exam.

  1. Filling inaccurate details

This is the costliest mistake anyone can make when writing her WAEC exam. When you don’t fill in your accurate detail or make mistakes filling in one or all of your exam script.

Getting 7A is the least of your problem. You would be lucky to even find your name. So if you don’t know your name ask, if you don’t know your details ask, if you don’t understand how to fill ask, so you don’t fall a victim of this flaw. Never confuse your exam date, or miss a paper. It kills.


Let’s say you brought a phone to the exam hall, and the invigilator was a pastor and caught you, your principal begged and begged to no avail. Then he submitted it to the WAEC office, Not just yours but the result of the entire school could be canceled.

I’m sure both your friends won’t be happy writing WAEC twice. Don’t play that game, expo and runz don’t help at all. If it works in WAEC or NECO It would backfire in due time.


Everybody knows this during the exam period we all grab our key points and past question. It is effective considering that some questions come out six times in two years. So effectively studying your past questions works a lot.


You never know what vital information may come about as a result of attending tutorials because there is always one. If you could just leave your PS3 game console for 3month you would be proud you did.


No matter your religion or tribe we all believe in something either God, Allah, Satan, or even Mother Nature, Pray before writing any paper believe me it works wonders.

If you can follow these five baby steps, I assure you 5A is a stepping stone, All your dream can be made possible. Are you having any trouble with your WAEC exams, tell us in the comment section and let’s see how we can help.

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