Nigeria VS Ghana Academic System

So, Nigeria vs Ghana, who owns education in West Africa?

The question of who offers Better EDUCATION has always been a serious question among most West African students. Nigeria claims to be the giants of Africa but in the education sector poorly managed Universities, Incessant Strikes and a whole lot of other factors have hindered Nigeria’s growth.

Truth be told without beating about the bush, Nigeria Is Behind Ghana in the level of higher education. But on a serious note, it is not a question of Ghanaian tertiary institutions versus Nigerian tertiary institutions.

But truth be told, Ghana doesn’t have enough tertiary institutions neither does Nigeria. But Ghana is still ahead of Nigeria in higher education.

Nigeria only has just a tertiary institution for every one million citizens and the incessant and alarming disruption of her academic calendars by strike actions and outer irrelevant activities have put Nigeria behind Ghana.

This has caused major damages, one of which includes the rising number of Nigerians migrating to Ghana in their search for higher and better education. Also, the number of universities in Nigeria is insufficient.

That is, there is a shortage of universities in Nigeria. The words of Ajayi Oluapelumi of Tribune were

“The number of universities in Nigeria is insufficient. In Nigeria, the number of universities per million population is 1.08. That means one university per one million people.

With the population of Nigeria, one would have expected that the number of private universities will be in the range of 100 or more …where do you want your children to go when you do not set up more universities?

Nigeria must, therefore, address the deficit to be relevant again …If Nigeria has more universities and fewer strike actions, I am sure Ghanaians will move to Nigeria”

There are more private universities in Nigeria than that of Ghana( 15 public universities, 43 private universities, and 10 polytechnics) than there is in Nigeria.

Currently, in Ghana, there are, giving us a total of 68 universities, with a population of 25 million. And the number of universities per capita results to 2.72.

“In Nigeria’s case, Nigeria has more than 40 federal universities, 38 state universities, 51 private universities, and 45 polytechnics.

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But a closer look at Nigeria’s population has 51 private universities and Ghana having just 43 private universities, it suffices to say that Ghana has more private universities that meet its current and growing population. However, the fact is that both countries need to provide more institutions to accommodate their population growth. To see that those seeking higher education.

There is no serious difference between Nigeria and Ghana. Just that one is bigger than the other. Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri, and even Abuja has no match in any of the cities in Ghana.

In the Northern parts of Nigeria, the lower economic standards and the Islamic religion that tends to discourage public enlightenment. Corruption and poor security have been choking the life out of education and other sectors in the country.


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