4 Tested Ways Drugs Abuse Has Rendered Students Useless

A drug is a substance either liquid or solid taken to restore all or affected systems to normal functioning.

Drug abuse can simply be defined as the intake of drugs or other substances in an unusual manner or usually more than the prescribed dose.

Classifications of Drugs

Drugs were made to restore damaged tissues or systems to their proper functioning, but certain individuals found a way to maneuver the original purpose and effects of the drugs to a more “desired” effect.

Take for example tobacco which was originally meant to act as anti-venom for certain snakes, The intended purpose was taken adrift for a far deadly purpose, even more, deadly than the venom of a poisonous snake ‘WEED’.

For centuries, man has tried to either complement some pleasant features of life or escape from the unpleasantness of life, whether real or imaginary, by using liquor and different plant products.

Drugs have been abused globally for centuries their effects have been getting worse day after day. Drug-related illnesses ranging from lung cancer to heart failure, mouth cancer, bad breath, and cramped muscles are few side effects of drug abuse.

Apart from physical problems they are also mental implications of drug abuse such as addiction, memory loss, insomnia, loss of appetite, brain damage, and even a coma.

Drug Abuse in Students

Here are some of the original uses of the drug and how it has been abused;

  1. Tramadol And Coca Cola

Tramadol is an energy capsule meant to give strength to those involved in manual labor and coca-cola is a soft drink that refreshes the body when dehydrated.

What could go wrong when energy and refreshment go together.

It results in a state in which the individual gets ‘HIGH’ and is not properly able to think straight and control his body movement. The same result is gotten when codeine expectorant, a cough syrup meant to get rid of a cough is mix with soft drinks.

  1. Pain Relief And Sedatives

These are used by medical practitioners, doctors, or nurses in cases where a patient is in great pain and agitation and unable to receive treatment.

But have been converted by certain individuals especially those with trauma and the urge for suicide to make their pain stop without proper administration.

  1. Sedatives

Hypnotics, morphine, and laughing gas are also used by medical practitioners mostly psychologists and dentists to make their patients feel less pain or no pain at all when going through their procedures.

But thugs have been so addicted to it that ‘they use it to have a good time’.

  1. Alcohol

This is a sweet substance originally gotten from sour grape left in a jar to dissolve. It is used in festivities but has been converted and made from different substances such as barley, grain, roots, herbs, spirits, and fruit that is consumed in excess to make a person high. Other forms of hard drugs are Narcotics, Cocaine, and Marijuana.

Origin Of Drug Abuse

My research shows that drugs were abused even before the formation of Nigeria, they made a sort of concoction form it but hard drugs first didn’t arrive in Nigeria until after the Second World War when cannabis was introduced through the war veterans.

These veterans brought back the cannabis seed from India. The 70s and 80s witnessed the introduction of other drugs like cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, codeine, and morphine.

These drugs were pioneered into the Nigerian market by men like Fela Kuti, General Sani Abacha, and other terrorist groups.

Effects of Drug abuse

The age group that is greatly affected by the influence and accident of drug abuse are students between adolescence and adulthood. They believe that drugs give them superpowers they need to stay focused.

The spread of drug abuse

These notorious habits are spread through various means and every day it gets more popular. Some of the most popular means that encourage drug abuse are:

  1. Globalization

The world is now become a global village making it easy for these bad habits to slip under our noses. The advent of new technologies that makes production or these drugs come at a really fast pace.

  1. Peer pressure

When students are not well guided at home or school, they choose the wrong peers which will lead to experimenting with different hard drugs that can kill them.

  1. Stress

The most recurring set of people, in this case, are those suffering from marriage failure, frustration, and another psychological breakdown. Stress is one of the biggest causes of drug abuse among students.

Curiosity and ignorance- here some imbeciles might decide to try something new and end up getting caught up with cocaine or marijuana. in conclusion they have destroyed their lives.

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